Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing in Action

You know I have not watched TV all week. I do not miss it at all. I do miss my fast wireless connection, as I am leached onto someone else's and the signal is very, very low. Making the computer very, very slow. But...this way, with so much time on my hands at night, you will get much insight into my vacation it will be like you were really here. Without the smell of old bait, that is. I know from the other posts it may seem like I am only here with the girls, but I SWEAR Steve, Teddy, Tucker and Matt are here too!! The boys have their own cottage that you can see in the first picture . (I am starting construction on one as soon as we are home!). It has its own kitchen/eating area, bathroom, and a huge bedroom. It looks like a dorm room! Chips, cereal, cookies and sodas of every variety. A queen bed, and two air mattresses in the bedroom along with a TV and video game.....what more does one need?!? Plus they have a laundry fairy! They leave their dirty laundry in the basket, and it is delivered back to them clean. They have a trash fairy too!!! They do surface to fish. Most days are spent on the boat fishing. When they are home and it is light, they go up to the beach to fish for bait fish for the NEXT day. And they crab, and set the minnow trap (again...bait). They come in one door for lunch, and go out the other to eat in in peace. We do make them eat dinner with us. We are so mean. The house has a working juke box, and so far they delight in playing the songs that will annoy someone. So far Foreigner's "I wanna know what love is" wins the award for annoying ALL of us (except Teddy whose taste in music is atrocious lately!) "One Night in Bangkok" will make Tucker go berserk!! They have also taught Janey to sing and dance to Y.M.C.A, which is a valuable life skill! So... although it may not seem like it-they are here too!! The Laundry Fairy is off to work now.....

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